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'Inga, your son thinks his daddy is dead.'

These are not the sort of words you want to hear from your wife - especially when you are thousands of miles apart, travelling around on another continent. You want to hear comforting talk about the exciting new things little kids are getting up to. But those were the very words I heard over the telephone, while I was on the 1993 northern hemisphere tour with the All Blacks. It was a really sobering moment for me and gave me quite a shock. But that was exactly how it happened at the time, and it's also how I have planned this book - to be as honest as I can possibly be as I share with you from my perspective the truth of what was and is going on in my life.

- Inga (Va'aiga) Tuigamala


Inga My Story has contributions from ex-team-mates Jonny Wilkinson, Jason Robinson, Martin Offiah, Rob Andrew, Pat Lam and more...


Read from the above greats on how they saw Inga Tuigamala. Much of it previously untold: from family life to his many sporting achievements to his role today as a mentor, inspirational community leader and successful businessman. Much more than a sports biography, this is the real story behind the 'gentle giant' of New Zealand rugby.


This is an important story, particularly for those of us living in New Zealand.
Huge, tough as teak, enormously strong, capable of causing physical mayhem - yet soft, tender, loving and caring of disposition - Inga Tuigamala is a man of such complexity that his personality and character combine all sorts of qualities in varying degrees. Inga told me that this book is more than just a sports book. I agree

MURRAY DEAKER (Sportsbroadcaster)

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