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In this book Myan shares truths that allowed him to rise above his circumstances that can help you receive hope and overcome adversity. He uses the biblical story of Joseph to encourage us to look to God no matter what we are facing.



An excellent individual reference for living a life of Christian victory, also useful for home groups and pastors - preaching resource. Reading that will boost your faith. Salvation Army War Cry Magazine � 10 March 2007


Great resource for individual or group study, for business or sports people and church leadership. Through Scripture and insightful quotes and illustrations, Myan shows us how our lives can be enhanced by a right relationship with God. Challenge Weekly 17 March 2007


An attractively-presented book, written in an easy to-read style. Myan is an excellent story teller and illustrates the book with stories from his life and the lives of others. This made the book come alive for me. Deserves to be dipped into more than once as we journey as Christians. Daystar Magazine � May 2007

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