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As a published author having written biographies for rugby stars: Springbok, Pierre Spies, and former All Black, Inga �The Winger� Tuigamala, and having written his own books: From the Pit to Palace, You Can and Born a Hindu Die a Hindu? - Myan is all too familiar with the book publishing process. So much so that he now offers affordable services to others to get published. For more info click BOOK PUBLISHING.

He was born in Durban, South Africa into a Hindu family and in
1994 became a born again Christian. (More info click
"Myan's Testimony") He completed Bible College & was appointed Youth Pastor (1996), then small group leader & later area leader for local church, also began ministering weekly on Durban's Good News Community Radio (GNCR). 

In 1996 Myan established his own business, focusing on Accounting and Financial Planning. Through his own success he began mentoring & advising businessmen on entrepreneurial & management skills. In recognition of his excellent work he received numerous awards. In 1997 he married Jolene & together they have 4 daughters. Myan excelled at many sports & was a High School district Rep for the 100m Sprint, volleyball, tennis, table-tennis, also playing soccer & cricket at pro level after his schooling- due to the Apartheid era in South Africa the opportunities for "non-European" athletes were limited.

After a life changing moment in 2000 he "sold" his business to focus on teaching and coaching and immigrated to New Zealand. Migrating to New Zealand he undertook Biblical Worldview Teacher training at MASTERS Institute in Auckland, NZ completing in 2003. He further completed a Post Graduate Bachelor of Education at the National Institute of Christian Education (NICE) based in Sydney, Australia.

Together with his wife, Jolene, in 2007 to 2009 they presented their own TV show, Learning 4 Life. Currently Myan speaks and is a MC at Promise Keepers NZ also assisting with some aspects of the program and planning.

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