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Seed or Greed?

  •  Is our money any of God's business? 

  • Can money keep you happy? 

  • Do we really have to give? If so, how much? 

  • And to whom? 

  • Am I really blessed? 

In the world we live in, greed is widespread, and surprisingly Christians are not immune from it. Although the Bible says that it is better to give than to receive, many Christians struggle to do so. In this book, Myan Subrayan presents an easy read with Biblical insight and research that highlight the benefits of generosity. Not just with your finances, but also with your time, possessions and talent. He also addresses some of the debateable teachings on finances in the Church and presents a practical, Word-based response. Containing helpful Information, real-life Stories, and relevant Scriptures, Seed or Greed? is an ideal resource for small groups, churches, and anyone seeking Biblical Insight into Finances. A topic that Jesus and the Bible spoke often about! 


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