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Making Sense of Nonsense

Author, Myan Subrayan, is well-known for his talks on radio, TV and motivation sessions to sports teams and corporates around the world. In Making Sense of Nonsense he shares some of this material to help the reader overcome the challenges they may be enduring – those times when things may not seem to make sense (nonsense) - painful times that keep us awake and even drive some to self-harm.
Offering practical and honest advice he gives hope for those times of despair. Myan draws on his experiences as a life coach to encourage you to successfully deal with life's challenges, even when you think all hope may be lost. This book will pick you up and inspire you to keep going forward, despite the obstacles you may be facing. It will help you get through the storms of life, whilst also empowering you to motivate others who are going through setbacks.
Most importantly, it will help you to make sense of nonsense! Written in typical 'Myan Subrayan Style' in a simple, easy to read format, punctuated with humour for all to enjoy.

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